Illinois’ first Raunerversary

State Rep. Sonya Harper, D-Chicago, would disagree that the governor’s tactics are making the state more attractive to families.

“As I walk door-to-door in my district,” Harper said, “I hear the same thing at every door: ‘He has put us through hell.’ ”

To Harper’s constituents, programs like child care, preventive care, education and gang intervention are key to survival.

“A little ‘pain’ doesn’t cause him any trouble, but it sure hurts for my constituents,” Harper said.

Child care providers like Pamela Franks of Springfield have experienced that pain since July 2015, when the governor unilaterally lowered the maximum income level for day care assistance to $664 for two-person families.

“I got behind on my mortgage, acquired late fees, along with other bills that couldn’t be paid on time,” Franks said.

Franks says she lost existing clients and couldn’t get new clients enrolled because it was hard to get the families approved.

“I can’t depend on the state for my business’ income, there’s no stability,” Franks said. “How can I run a quality day care and small business without stable income?”

Added Harper: “A good number of Illinoisans voted for Rauner thinking he would ‘shake up Springfield’ and confront hard structural challenges. He’s done none of those things.”

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