News from the Secretary of State's Office re: Driver's License Procedures


The federal "Real ID" Law has impacted the manner in which all DMV's, including the Illinois Secretary of State's office, issue driver's licenses.

D/L's are no longer given out at the facility the day that you renew. They are centrally mailed from one location and delivered by the Post Office. In apartment buildings with a central bank of mailboxes, the P.O.'s policy is not to deliver driver's licenses to mailboxes that do not have the recipient's first and last name on them. This policy does not affect P.O. boxes located at the Post Office.

Please allow 10-15 business days in advance of when your license expires to go down to your local DMV to renew. You can renew your license up to a year before it actually expires. If you live in an apartment and your driver's license has not been delivered even though your full name is on your mailbox, contact your post office and ask to speak to the supervisor. If necessary, use your cameraphone to take a picture of your name on your mailbox as proof.

District Office:
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Chicago, IL 60609
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