Harper Attends 2019 Denver Marijuana Management Symposium

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Sonya Harper, D-Chicago, recently attended the 2019 Denver Marijuana Management Symposium (MMS), a summit for law enforcement, public sector officials and regulators that addresses challenges and presents solutions to implement adult-use recreational cannabis laws.

“Illinois was the first state to legalize adult-use recreational marijuana through the legislative process, with a focus on addressing a wide range of constituencies, including the business community, law enforcement, local governments and advocates for criminal justice reform,” Harper said. “I was proud to take lessons learned from the legalization process in Illinois and present them to public officials from around the country while also being able to learn how other governments have addressed challenges and concerns from their experiences of legalization.”

At the 2019 Denver MMS, Harper was a featured panelist speaking about the development and implementation of dispensary and growing regulations, licensing and tax rates from a legislative perspective. Harper’s panel also focused on the challenges facing local jurisdictions and how the concerns of municipalities shaped the legalization process in Illinois.

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